Extracting and optimizing low-level bytecode from high-level verified Coq   [paper] [code]
Master's Thesis, PDOS at CSAIL, MIT
MCQC: Extracting and optimizing formally verified code for systems programming   [paper] [code] [slides]
11th Annual NASA Formal Methods Symposium, April 2019, Houston, TX
Sharing is caring; Centralized PKI and masking for multi-organization blockchain sharing   [paper]
Proposal, UC Berkley blockchain group, San Francisco, CA, 2017
Parallel Back-End for the Halide Image Processing Language   [paper] [poster]
MIT Undergraduate Research Journal 2015, SuperUROP with Saman Amarasinghe, Cambridge, MA

Tech Conference Talks

Three eDSLs for business logic   [Scala notebooks]
NEScala 2020, February 2020, Brooklyn, NY (on-line due to COVID-19)
Data-aware NGINX for Distributed Machine Learning   [talk] [code]
Nginxconf 2017 Annual Nginx Developer Conference, September 2017, Portland, OR
Auto-scalable microservices for Machine Learning   [talk] [client] [server]
Dockercon 2017 Annual Docker User Conference, April 2017, Austin, TX
Secure and energy-efficient sampling of mobile sensors on iOS and Android   [conference]
MadCon 2017 Annual Mobile development student conference, June 2017, Austin, TX

Term papers

Evaluating correlation between saliency maps and the solution of maze puzzles   [paper] [notebook]
Final paper for 6.861J Computational Theory of Intelligence, Spring 2019, CSAIL and Brain and CogSci, MIT, Cambridge, MA
PAL: Progressive Authentication for Linux System   [writeup] [code]
Final project for 6.858 Computer Systems Security 2013, PDOS CSAIL, Cambridge, MA
A collaborative text editor   [paper]
Final paper for 6.033 Computer Systems Engineering, won Excellent Writting Sample award, 2012, PDOS CSAIL, Cambridge, MA


6.828: Operating Systems Engineering   [class]
MIT Graduate level Systems course, taught by Frans Kaashoek and Adam Belay, PDOS CSAIL, MIT, taught in 2018.
6.858: Computer Systems Security   [class]
MIT Graduate level, Systems course, taught by Frans Kaashoek and Nickolai Zeldovich, PDOS CSAIL, MIT, taught in 2018.
Effective Programming in C and C++   [class] [source] [slides]
MIT Open Coursware (OCW), last taught IAP 2015
6.857: Computer and Network Security   [class]
MIT Graduate level, Systems/Theory course, taught by Ronald Rivest, CSAIL, MIT, taught in 2015.
6.042: Mathematics for Computer Science   [class]
MIT Intro level, Theory course, taught by Albert Meyer, CSAIL, MIT, taught in 2015.


Privacy preserving System for Machine-Learning Training Data
Filed Mar 2, 2018 Patent issuer and numberus UFID18-1001
Privacy-preserving system based on Intel SGX Secure Enclaves. Enables high-performance and GPU computing on anonymized user data for Machine Learning, without exposing the identity of the user to the operator, cloud owner or engineer.